Maintenance Technician- 8769


The Maintenance Technician is responsible for a safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the following processes: NGL extraction via cryogenic turbo expander processes, 2 cycle and 4 cycle engines and compressors, gas and liquid treating via amine solution, dehydration, acid gas injection, pumps centrifugal and positive displacement, utility generation steam, cooling tower, cooling water, electrical generation, purchase power, among others.

Responsibilities include:

- Adjusting process variable and conditions using a GE PLC / Wonder ware system

- Experience using analytical instruments and tools to diagnose and troubleshoot malfunctions of equipment listed above

- Experience using precision tools such as micrometers, torque wrenches and alignment devices

- Following our client's Safety Policies, Procedures, and Business Ethics Policies

- Monitoring and recognizing dangerous and or emergency conditions within the process and performs procedures necessary to remove the condition or shutdown the process / facility in order to protect personnel and equipment

- Monitoring levels of lubricants, fluids, chemicals, etc. and refills as necessary to prevent damage to equipment

- Monitoring process variables and conditions

- Monitoring usage of utilities, fuel, chemicals, lube oils, etc. to prevent excessive consumption at current processing and production rates

- Participating in preparation of operating procedures and training of peers in safe and efficient operating practices

- Performing routine startup and shutdown of individual equipment and processes

- Planning and performing all assignments in a safe manner by utilizing the proper tools, safety and environmental precautions, permitting, and Process Safety Management

- Proven ability to install new and replacement equipment listed above as required to maintain and optimize plant and field operations

- Read, calculate, and / or estimate process flow rates, volumes, and prepare operational logs and reports i. e. PPR

- Recognizing malfunctions in individual equipment and performs minor maintenance as necessary to correct problems

- Writing work orders using MAXIMO for routine and major maintenance that cannot be handled as part of normal operations

- Knowledge of Natural Gas Characteristics, Engine & Compressor Operations, Maintenance, and Gas & Liquid Measurement

- Regular and reliable attendance is required


- 1-3 years related work experience

- High School diploma; Associates degree from an accredited technical school (preferred)

- Maintain a valid driver s license to include a safe driving record satisfactory to the company

- Must have a mechanical aptitude

- Experience in maintenance and operations of gas compressors with engine drivers, glycol dehydrators and Gas plant processing

- Knowledge of OEM specifications for Waukesha, Clark, White Superior, Cat and Cooper engines

- Understanding of the maintenance of fans, air compressors, or pumps, replacing packing, and alignment

- Ability to maintain maintenance records using the CMMS tool Maximo

- Willing to travel to various locations for job tasks

- Interpersonal communication skills are required in order to interface with all affected teams, personnel, and vendors

- An organized and detail-oriented self-starter with a strong work ethic

- Ability to work self-sufficiently given direction and resources

- Well-grounded, preferring to work in a collegial and team environment

- Ability to think critically, solve problems independently and exercise excellent judgment and common sense

- Intermediate computer skills (Proficiency in MS Office Suite to include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)

- Ability to work overtime, weekends, holidays, with the ability to respond to call outs as needed to fulfill business objective and the ability to work shifts for plant or field conditions

- Ability to frequently throughout the work shift, push, pull and lift at least a minimum of 50lbs to a minimum height of 3-4 feet and maneuver equipment or parts as needed

- Ability to work outdoors in changing climate conditions

- Able to work in close quarters: i. e., work while kneeling, squatting, sitting, climbing, and standing

- Ability to climb up and down ladders, stairs and platforms at varying heights

- Follow and adhere to all applicable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guidelines (ex: eye protection, footwear, Nomex)

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